Finding Fresh Energy
For Life and For Service

My life purpose is to try to help as many as possible come to realize just how great God is and how He wants to help. My purpose is to try to come along side as an encourager. 

One of my models in life is a guy in the early church called, Barnabas. In the Bible (Acts 11:23-24) it says of him, When he arrived (in Antioch), and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord. Barnabas encouraged through personal mentoring and counseling, through teaching, and through and itinerate preaching ministry to churches.

It is my hope and prayer that I can also be an encourager in the following ways:

  • To my family members, neighbours, and people of my community by providing love and support however it might best be needed.
  • To those who are struggling because they have gone through a difficult crisis in life – pointing them to the grace and mercy that there is in Jesus Christ and in His Word, the Bible.
  • To those who have come to believe in Christ, have confessed faith in Him, and are seeking to follow Jesus through their participation in a Bible-believing, Gospel-centered church.
  • To those who serve in leadership in the Church as pastors and lay leaders as they try to understand more of what God wants to do through the church.
  • To churches and Christian ministries that are seeking to understand how they can do the work of God better.
  • Through writing, speaking, and various kinds of transition ministries for individuals, churches, and Christian ministries.

I also hope that many will find inspiration through my Blog, through the work of Second Wind Ministries, and through the Resources I try to make available.


What is This Thing Called, Postmodernism?

If you've wondered about this thing called, postmodernism, here is a fairly extensive excerpt from the 4th chapter of my book on the development of postmodernism. The book is called, Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times.  The...

Hospital Stay Grace

Recently, I was surprised to find myself on a gurney in the Emergency Ward at the University Hospital of Northern BC in Prince George. I admitted myself to this facility on a Friday afternoon in the third week of January after experiencing unusual chest and left-arm...

Postmodern “truth”

One of the main points of the book I have recently written on the change in western culture toward postmodernism is that objective truth no longer holds the value it did at the end of the last millennium. At the least, this means that the idea of truth itself is...

Jesus — Mighty God

For our Sunday Services this Christmas, I have been led to focus the messages on the prophecy of Isaiah concerning the names that would be given to the coming ruler of Israel as found in Isaiah 9:6 and 7. It says there that a child would be born, a son given, upon...

Trinitarian Theology

One of the mysteries if Christian theology is the doctrine of the Trinity. It affirms that God is one in essence but exists as three distinct persons. Each is a separate personality but shares in the one divine being. Each is as much divine as is the other. The reason...

Finding Meaning in Rememberance Day

In the fall of 2014, while working at a church in Saskatoon, I took the opportunity to attend a Remembrance Day Service at the city’s SaskTel Centre. It was just three weeks after that terrible day in Ottawa when a Canadian reservist, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was fatally...

In Consideration of “Equality”

"Equality" is a word you hear a lot these days. It comes up in conversation about politics, economics, employment, and especially, gender. It generally means that everyone should be treated the same regardless of their place in life or their accomplishments. According...

Christianity — Cultural or Christian

In the community in which I am serving as a transition pastor these days, I have encountered many people who are genuinely Christian in their expression of faith. But there are many others in the same community who, though they are familiar with the basic Christian...

Why I Love September

This picture doesn't do justice to what I saw on my walk with the dogs today at the dog-park, but it does represent something of the exquisite beauty that is evident on every hand at this time of year. September 22nd is the date for the changing of the seasons, or...

Weather Woes and the Prophecy of Isaiah 24

I am writing this in the midst of news about the devastation poured out on parts of the Caribbean and the State of Florida by the mighty hurricane, Irma. Again and again it has been referred to as the worst storm that this area or much of the world has ever seen. It...

Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times

This book was published under Friesen Press by Edwin Drewlo in 2017. Its purpose is to provide help in how people can negotiate change in general but especially through the vast cultural changes that have taken place due to the emergence of postmodernism in the past fifty years. The book attempts to trace the philosophical development of this phenomenon along with how it has impacted popular culture and especially Christian faith practice and church ministry.

It is presented as a “thoughtful” assessment of the positive as well as the negative effects of this change. The book emphasizes the value of maintaining a strong commitment in these times to the objective truth of the Holy Scriptures and the good news concerning Jesus to which they so strongly attest. Though the book is somewhat academic, it also provides many practical ideas on how to live and serve as a Christian disciple in these times. Each chapter offers the opportunity for group discussion on a large variety of subjects.