Finding Fresh Energy
For Life and For Service

Hello! My name is Ed Drewlo and my main purpose is spiritual encouragement based on the main story and truths of the Bible.

The idea for this site started in response to an evident need especially among Christian leaders for encouragement after “hitting some kind of wall.” I called it second wind to emulate the idea that at some point in our race, when the going seems hardest, we often experience a burst of energy to finish the race strong.

Second Wind is an appropriate metaphor for the Christian race because it alludes to the ministry of the Spirit who enables us to run the Christian race more easily and successfully after encountering a series of difficult obstacles. These difficulties may take many forms including opposition, weariness, missteps, setbacks, and personal loss of one kind or another. It’s no secret that this is often the nature of the Christian life and ministry. Jesus alludes to this in the image of bearing His cross and St. Paul speaks of always carrying in one’s body the death of Jesus.

But the good news is that this difficult experience also makes it possible for us to truly experience the resurrection of Jesus, or as Paul says it, that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body (2 Corinthians 4:10).

Second Wind Ministries, is a non-profit Christian service that exists:

  • In general, to be a ministry of spiritual encouragement to anyone, wherever that may be, who is struggling with challenges and difficulties in life.
  • For Leaders, as a ministry of encouragement to individual pastors and leaders in Christian ministry who are in the midst of unanticipated challenges. This can take the form of individual counsel or teaching seminars regarding means for more effective ministry.
  • For Churches, to help through crisis – especially the kind that emerge because of transition between pastors. In the last dozen years, Second Wind Ministries has worked with more than a dozen churches and ministries in western Canada to assist with transition between lead pastors.
  • For Education, informing both professional and lay church leaders to better understand the major philosophical and cultural shift that has taken place in western society and how to adjust to these changes for more effective Christian ministry. Much of this is based on the book authored and published in 2017 called, Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times. A course has been developed to teach these principles in Bible Colleges and churches.
  • As a Resource, for church and denominational leaders providing assistance for churches to be more successful in ministry. Blog articles on this site are posted regularly to provide personal and organizational encouragement from a biblical perspective.

Incarnational Christianity

A brightly decorated evergreen is iconic at Christmastime. It is said to have originated in Germany in the 16th Century when Christians transformed a pagan practice into Christian meaning. Today it speaks of perpetual life in the midst of our dark world that...

Daily Bible Reading Tips

I can still remember receiving my first Bible as a boy of seven or eight from my parents. It was a very special gift which I came to treasure. I can't remember too much about my  reading of the Bible in that time. However, quite early on in my life, I do remember our...

When It Seems God Has Left Us — Psalm 44

This photo is a prize -- a shot taken by my friend, Alfred. It's the shoreline of Christina Lake in southern British Columbia, Canada. Part of the reason for its appeal, I'm sure, is the variety of colour and contrast -- different hues and shades of the primary...

In What Sense is the Christian Faith Unique?

Recently, I've been struck by the wonder, beauty, and uniqueness of the Christian Faith -- something that we who are Christians may, more often than not, overlook. Sometimes, possibly because we've been Christians for a long time and develop certain routines or even...

Joys of Pastoral Transition Work

Last month I received an opportunity, once again, to fill a pastoral transition role for a church in Alberta. This one is with the Alliance Church in Innisfail, just south of Red Deer. Sometimes called, Intentional Interim, the whole idea of serving as a transition...

Smoke Signals

It was much darker than this picture suggests, but this was the scene looking east on our street at approximately 9:30 on the morning of Friday, August 10th of this year. The ordinarily summer morning sun was hidden by a thick cloud of smoke over the entire region...

Stop and Smell the Roses

Recently, while visiting our son, his wife and their children in Portland, the City of Roses, we had occasion to visit the beautiful Rose Garden there. If you've been to Portland, you probably know about this Garden near the center of the City. There is something...

Living in God’s Park

I know of no Psalm that is more summary of what the Psalms, the Bible, or life is all about than Psalm 1. It is appropriate that this Psalm and the Psalter, the hymnbook of the Hebrew people, stands more or less at the center of the whole Bible. Psalm 1, as an...

Managing Large Societal Change

I'm pleased to announce that a second printing of my book, Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times, has just been launched. In Canada, the new edition is available at the Friesen Press Web-site. The Book is also available for...

Hope, Faith, and Love

1 Corinthians 13 ends with the words, And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.  Recently, I've been thinking about the relationship between these three virtues. Somehow, starting with the idea of hope, I landed on a story...

Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times

This book was published under Friesen Press by Edwin Drewlo in 2017. Its purpose is to provide help in how people can negotiate change in general but especially through the vast cultural changes that have taken place due to the emergence of postmodernism in the past fifty years. The book attempts to trace the philosophical development of this phenomenon along with how it has impacted popular culture and especially Christian faith practice and church ministry.

It is presented as a “thoughtful” assessment of the positive as well as the negative effects of this change. The book emphasizes the value of maintaining a strong commitment in these times to the objective truth of the Holy Scriptures and the good news concerning Jesus to which they so strongly attest. Though the book is somewhat academic, it also provides many practical ideas on how to live and serve as a Christian disciple in these times. Each chapter offers the opportunity for group discussion on a large variety of subjects.



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