I am enjoying the evening hours of a most beautiful summer day in Prince George after what ended up being a horrendous week of stress and consternation.  It all started last weekend when I came to realize that the church I am working in needed stronger pastoral leadership.  I think everyone on the Board appreciated what I was trying to say about this at the meeting the other night except for one person who ended up getting very upset with me after.  It became a huge issue and at the same time I was preparing a message for this Sunday on the subject of building relationships.  Altogether I lost some sleep and some weight over the experience.  But I felt I had done the right thing by voicing my opinion with the Board about what was needed at Timbers and how we might improve our approach together.

I was very tired this week, but was thankful for some time off yesterday after a counseling appointment in the morning that turned out very successful.  I also had to take some time to visit a new site for a ministry downtown Prince George that I had been involved in for several years as a Board member.  It is called the Life Centre and exists downtown PG to help street people come to experience the power of the Gospel.  I went to the dedication of the new facility which is a very beautiful newly developed building that is about 200% better in everyway to what the ministry was using for many years until this time.  I didn’t know that I would be speaking at this event along with a couple of other pastors from the community and that I would be invited to pray the prayer of dedication for the new facility.  But that’s what happened last night at the Life Centre in downtown PG and I felt so privileged and honoured to be a part of it all.

Then this morning, I had to prepare for the Service at Timbers in which I had been led to speak on Building Relationships from Ephesians 4:24 – 5:17.  From this very practical passage I went through seven verses in order hi-lighting the principles of building a relationship.  Some of the main points were that it takes God to build a relationship, it takes respect, self-control, constructive communication, and diligence.  It was so ironic that God had led me to share this message during a week that was one of the most difficult in relationships that I had experienced for a long time.  The response was very positive, a good number of people saying how they identified with the things that I was sharing.

After the Service, Carolyn and Leanne took me out for a lovely buffet lunch at Esther’s Inn.  Leanne presented me with a tear-jerker card, and I came home to a new golf bag from Carolyn and a very funny card.  Then I went for a bike ride in a forest path up by the University and felt very invigorated for the work and beauty.  I came home to visit with Grandma and then enjoyed a hot bath.  I feel so blessed sitting here in our living room and looking out on the sunshine and landscape of this new summer day season .  Heather just called to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me about their newly purchased home in Calgary.  It sounds so right for them and I am so happy for them.  Heidi had also called earlier to say Happy Birthday and I heard very small boy words from Gideon like Granpa, and Gidjun, and Daja, and Mumy, etc.  That really made my day!

I am very glad to be where I am in life and to know that everything about it is securely in God’s hands.  I know there will be some big challenges ahead, but I am finding God’s grace enough for all that I need each day and week.  Psalm 65 seems like a great summary of the blessing I enjoy today.  God is faithful, even when I am not.  I look forward to living another year for Him as He gives me the grace to do so.

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