Thoughtful Adaptations to Change: Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times


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This book was published under Friesen Press by Edwin Drewlo in 2017. Its purpose is to provide help in how people can negotiate change in general but especially through the vast cultural changes that have taken place due to the emergence of postmodernism in the past fifty years. The book attempts to trace the philosophical development of this phenomenon along with how it has impacted popular culture and especially Christian faith practice and church ministry.

It is presented as a “thoughtful” assessment of the positive as well as the negative effects of this change. The book emphasizes the value of maintaining a strong commitment in these times to the objective truth of the Holy Scriptures and the good news concerning Jesus to which they so strongly attest. Though the book is somewhat academic, it also provides many practical ideas on how to live and serve as a Christian disciple in these times. Each chapter offers the opportunity for group discussion on a large variety of subjects.

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