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Doctor of Ministry Dissertation
Trinity International University, Chicago, 2005

Drewlo, Edwin. Pastoral Care that Minimizes Negative Transition for Pastors of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. D. Min. Major Project, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2005. This study recognizes the positive nature of many pastoral transitions for pastors and churches of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada but attempts to document the degree to which negative transition occurs and how this might be related to the issue of pastoral care for pastors and their families. Ten concluding recommendations are based on a summary of relevant biblical themes, an extensive literature review, and a field survey.

Basic Beliefs of Second Wind Ministries

Certain Biblical Truths are foundational to the work of Second Wind Ministries.  Here they are:

  1. God is one divine essence who exists as three distinct persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are co-equal and co-eternal but have different roles.
  2. God can be substantially understood through what is seen in the natural world as well as in some aspects of human history. God has more specifically revealed his nature through the Bible and through the coming of Jesus Christ.
  3. People have been created as a reflection of God’s image but through the sin of Adam, the whole human race and all of creation have fallen into disconnection with God, as well as into disharmony with one another and the world.
  4. The Good News is that God sent Jesus Christ into the world to be the perfect example of how people should and can live.  By his death and resurrection, Jesus provided for the forgiveness of sins.  When people come to believe in Jesus as the unique God-man and receive his forgiveness for their sins, they also experience and are assured of a relationship with God that continues forever.
  5. The Holy Spirit was sent into the world by Jesus to make people uncomfortable about their sins and conscious of their need for God in their lives. The Holy Spirit also came to form new spiritual life in those who believe and to help them live like Jesus. And he is there to encourage, purify and empower those who believe, as they yield their lives to him, so that they can be as productive as possible for God’s purposes in the world.
  6. Jesus came to establish a new order in the world by introducing his Kingdom or rule in the lives of those who believe. By their good words and actions those who believe help to expand his Kingdom. The more specific work of God’s kingdom is to establish his church which consists of all those who put faith in Jesus. They are spiritually and corporately joined together for regular worship, instruction, prayer, and encouragement in the service of Christ.
  7. Since there can be no true experience of connection with God and assurance of an endless life with him in heaven apart from knowing Jesus, the church’s primary role is to broadcast the Good News about Jesus both by what its members do and say, so that everyone in the world may have the opportunity to hear and believe in Jesus.
  8. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ will come again to finalize the establishment of his kingdom on earth and to bring about the completion of all things in the resurrection of the dead and the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.  Those who put their faith in Jesus will be resurrected to an endless life with God in heaven and those who choose not to believe will rise to suffer unending separation from God.
  9. Satan is a fallen angel who knows he has been defeated by Jesus through his death and resurrection but continues to work in subtle and powerful ways to dissuade people about God and to discourage Christians in their pursuit of faith.  Satan will eventually be condemned to the horrors of hell along with those whom he has persuaded against God.
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