Second Wind Ministries

​Second Wind Ministries was established in 2006 to provide counseling, teaching, and general encouragement to people who were struggling with transition of various kinds — especially those in pastoral church ministry. Here are some ways in which Second Wind Ministries can assist churches in ministry at this time:

  • Personal counseling – marriage, crisis, ministry-related

  • Preaching and teaching services – on call for these kinds of pastoral services as needed

  • Seminars – on the development of postmodernism in our western culture and the implications for practical church ministry in these times.

  • Transition ministry for churches between pastors – increasingly churches have recognized the need for a specialist to help them with transition between pastors. Second Wind Ministries can offer two kinds of assistance for positive transition.

    1. Pastoral leadership for the church during its transition through both on-site and remote pastoral leadership each month that consists of thorough assistance with the transition process and includes preparation and acquisition of an appropriate pastoral leader.

    2. A consulting service that enables the church to process its needs for more effective ministry and assists the church in finding the best possible leader for the accomplishment of its vision.

  • Crisis Intervention – when churches or Christian ministries are facing crises in their development and need help with assessing what to do.

Second Wind Ministries is a pastoral service of Rev. Dr. Edwin Drewlo. Ed is an ordained minister of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and is credentialed under the Western Canadian (Alberta) District. Formal pastoral services are available by honorarium (in the case of smaller services) or by contract including travel expenses.


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