Second Wind Ministries

​Second Wind Ministries was established in 2006 to provide counseling, teaching, and general encouragement to people who were struggling with transition of various kinds — especially those in pastoral church ministry. Some of the ways in which SWM has been of assistance since its inception are:

  • Personal counseling – marriage, crisis, ministry-related

  • Preaching and teaching services – on call for these kinds of pastoral services as needed

  • Seminars – on church-related needs in assessment, administration, postmodernism, vision development, the practice of spirituality through the spiritual disciplines and otherwise, as well as evangelism and mission.

  • Transition ministry for churches between pastors – increasingly churches have recognized the need for a specialist to help them with transition between pastors. This usually consists of on-site ministry with the church and its leadership for an average of nine months that includes on-going pastoral ministry for the church, organizational renewal (including general assessment and re-visioning), and relational renewal. It also involves helping the church prepare for the pastoral search and guiding it through the search until a new pastor is called and installed. Consulting services in transition are also available. This entails managing the transition by mostly working with the lay leadership team.

  • Crisis Intervention – when churches or Christian ministries are facing crises in their development and need help with assessing what to do.

  • Regular pastoral ministries – counseling, conducting funeral or memorial services, and providing for church weddings including pre-marital counseling.

Second Wind Ministries is a pastoral service of Dr. Edwin Drewlo. Ed is an ordained minister of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and is credentialed under it Western Canadian (Alberta) District. Formal pastoral services are available by honorarium (in the case of smaller services) or by contract.


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