102_0018.JPG Nathan and Heidi arrived with their precious little Gideon on Monday, April 2nd and Dave and Heather and their beautiful girls — Chloe, Brynna, and Jolie — came on Good Friday, along with their dog (a Kuvasz) Stella. It was fun watching Stella and our little Charlie play with each other. Charlie was literally the “underdog” most of the time. But he came out on top pretty well! Nathan put on a fabulous concert at the local Arts Space studio on Saturday night. Participants included Heidi (vocal) and Leanne on her violin. About 100 people came out for that event which also involved the release of his new CD, “the tie-into-dyin.” We were so impressed by the quality of Nathan’s songs and performance along with his band from Edmonton. The event was certainly well-received. Sunday morning we joined together at Timbers Community Church for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. In the late afternoon we enjoyed turkey dinner with the company of Leanne and her boyfriend, Shayne, as well as his family. I think there were about 15 of us. The Crees left on Monday just as they also discovered a computer had been stolen from their car!! The Carrolls stayed until Tuesday.

102_0212.JPG Early on Tuesday morning, Nathan took me to the airport and I left for Surrey to meet with my brothers and my mother for her 90th birthday celebration. It was such fun for all of us boys to surprise her for lunch which her efficient caregiver, Mimi, had so graciously and attractively prepared. We also had an extended family time with mother that evening. We reminisced about days long past on the farm in Manitoba and earlier in BC.

Carolyn had arrived in the evening for the extended family celebration so we had a couple of days together in Burnaby staying in Leanne’s vacated condo. It was so restful and refreshing for us to be there.

All together the time with family (and dogs) was busy, rather full, and even a bit tense at times. But in retrospect, we wouldn’t have traded it for anything. We felt honoured and blessed to have this time with each and all. We are reminded again that God knew what He was doing when He placed us in family groups. Even though our family has its idiosyncrecies, we are deeply grateful for this blessing and the love God has shown us through everyone.


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