It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything!  I’ve been swimming in responsibilities at home, at Timbers Community Church, and at Dawson Creek Alliance Church.  The latter has kept me especially glued to my desk, on the road, and in meetings as I try to keep ahead of what is needed to help this church through an important time of transition.  So far it’s been an exciting journey.

So far too, 2008 has been a most refreshing year; but it’s only 22 hours and 50 minutes old!  It started with rest, and a leisurely morning time of mediation on Psalm 125 and Jeremiah 20 (a rather unlikely combination of passages).  I so enjoyed the time just to think about God in the stillness of this holiday morning, and to dwell on the thought of my security in Him as well as my sense of mission because of the burning Word within.  I enjoyed the gifts of wonderful breakfast food and fellowship with my wife around noon(!) and then some calls from family members about a Happy New Year.  It was also very satisfying to work out a financial plan with Carolyn for this coming year.

In an hour the first day of 2008 will have passed into oblivion, I will be asleep (hopefully) and preparing my mind and body for a new period of challenging ministry commitment.  I long for a more regular pattern of life and ministry than I have experienced over the last year or so, but what I long for may well be an illusion at this time in my life.  Quite a number of matters seem to be unresolved and I must learn to be content and to trust the Lord one moment at a time. 

It is my ambition during this coming year to be a genuine blessing to my wife and family, to my extended family, and to my friends and neighbors.  I hope I can grow in my understanding and appreciation for the real work of Christ’s kingdom as I meditate, read widely, and learn to listen to each person that God brings into my life.  I want to experience the dynamic of Christ’s life flowing in and through me as  I draw close to Him and learn to depend upon His strength in everything. 

Second Wind Ministries is mostly focused just now on helping a church through an important time of transition.  But it continues to exist to help pastors and church leaders find the encouragement that is needed to do Christ’s work well.  I myself need to come back often to the basic principles of spiritual encouragement found in the such spiritual disciplines as prayer, community and service. 

May it be a good year for the glory of God in all that His grace accomplishes in me and through me!


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