Recently Carolyn and I decided it might be the right time to sell our house. It is the right season because at this time of year the lawn, trees, and gardens (not to mention the pool)look great! Summer is always the best season to sell a house — at least in this part of the world. Besides the neighbors had expressed interest that if we ever wanted to sell, they wanted to have first right of refusal. One catch was that Carolyn’s mother was still with us and might not find it easy to make a move to another home. But as we prayed about it, God seemed to be saying we should proceed — one step at a time.

We talked to the neighbors who expressed some interest because they had been looking around for something else recently. We said it might take awhile and so there wasn’t any panic which seemed to suit them fine. But the following week, when we looked at several houses with our Realtor friend, we found just the right one because it was modest, had some amenities that we considered important and was in a newer area of the City in a fairly central and popular location. Over the weekend we thought and prayed some more and on Monday we were ready to make an offer. The house belonged to people we knew from another church. We knew it had been well-built and cared for. The offer we made was countered at a good point, so we accepted.

Then we went back to our neighbor friends who were surprised we found something so quickly. So were we! They decided to come and look and seemed positive. Several days passed and nothing happened. On inquiring about their interest it was evident they were of mixed opinion on what they should do. We said they needn’t feel under pressure from us. We decided to list the house with a Realtor good friend and neighbor. We also made a trip to the bank to see about a mortgage. They were good for it. And when the neighbor who was interested saw that a Realtor was being engaged, they came over to say they were 99% interested in purchasing. (We had arranged to exclude the neighbor from the Realtor’s possible buyers.)

The neighbor ordered an appraisal and then some more time passed until we heard from them. Meanwhile we waited and prayed and put off allowing a great deal of interest through the Realtor. Our children were coming for a visit and we didn’t want the hassle of showing the house over and over when entertaining our family.

Yesterday the neighbor came with the results of their people’s appraisal. It was lower but they were willing to compromise between that and what we had originally set as the price. Things were looking very positive. Today we closed the deal over the phone at a price that seemed both fair to our neighbors and to us! We are very happy for them and for ourselves because we believe God has provided another home for us at a very crucial time that has all the features we need for living and for ministry. It has an office on the main floor right by the entrance where I can do counseling and ministry through Second Wind Ministries. It also has a suite that can be rented and it is close to the University. And it has adequate space for Carolyn’s mother who only needs a bed-room now (instead of a suite) since she is totally confined to bed.

Recently I decided to start documenting prayer requests and the answers that God is giving. I think it is evident that God answers many more prayers than we often realize simply because we don’t bother recording the request and the answer. The significance of this answer and move is large simply because it is evident God is giving us another start in ministry right here in Prince George. This is a big move because we raised our family in this house; it was ours for 22 & 1/2 years yet this whole decision and transaction took place in the space of only three weeks! It seems God would have us stay right here, enjoy living in this beautiful city and do the work of His ministry for us right from here. We are excited to see what He has in mind for us. After several years of wilderness wandering, God seems to be opening some wonderful doors of opportunity again. May we be faithful to His call.


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