It’s a warm Sunday afternoon in mid-summer here in Prince George, BC.  So far it’s been a busy summer, but today we have a few hours to reflect and prepare our hearts for the journey ahead.  I’ve had some time to wind down some pastoral transition work in Saskatoon and to get caught up on some things at home — yard work, indoor painting, re-organizing, etc.  We’ve also had some time to connect with members of our family.  For the most part the weather has been very nice — quite warm, but also some spells of rain and cooler temperatures.  It’s been restful and refreshing.

We still have much to look forward this summer in terms of time with family and friends.  We will entertain and travel some, also celebrating an important milestone in our marriage later in August.  But tomorrow also marks the beginning of more opportunity to serve through Second Wind Ministries.  I will begin to prepare for pastoral transition in Trail, BC.  And I have some matters to help with in a local ministry as well.  The fall is shaping up to be a busy time.  In the meantime, Carolyn is nursing some muscle injury and trying to stay cool! 🙂

These are great days of reflection and renewal in the good things that come with living a life of faith and connection with God.  Sometimes it’s good just to relax and contemplate the nature of life in the context of God’s beautiful creation and the season, as well as in the context of observing personalities — both in our own family and beyond.  But these things don’t happen well in a vacuum of the more specific revelation which comes especially through Scripture.  These days, I am looking at life from the perspective of the Proverbs, Leviticus, and the Gospel of John.  Each of these offers a unique perspective on the way life works in general, how it worked under God’s law, and how it works in relation to God’s revelation in Christ.

Additionally, it is good to look at life from the perspective of one who has processed all of it in the light of history, of classical and modern literature, the arts, and in the context of a thorough knowledge of biblical and Christian theology. These days I am finding this mix in the fascinating writing of Os Guinness, the British/American Christian apologist.  Right now I am enjoying reading a book he has written, just published, called, The Art of Christian Persuasion.  In it Guinness argues profoundly, not only for the validity of the Christian faith, but also of what is involved in communicating persuasively with a generation which is far removed from theism in general, and the Christian faith in particular.

It is a wonderful thing to be stimulated academically, emotionally, and spiritually!  This is what I find is happening as the summer unfolds — through reading Guinness, through Bible reading and prayer, and through time especially with family and friends.  I feel immeasurably blessed, not only through living where we do and in the family God has given us, but in being able to view life from a Christian perspective.  As time passes and life unfolds, I am increasingly conscious of being a very small participant, at this particular time and place, in the grand drama of world history that God is allowing to unfold right before my eyes.  Life is passing; children are growing older, having children of their own, and making their way in a world of constant change.

Each day is an opportunity to live our lives in faith and for the glory of God.  There are innumerable choices for each of us every day.  I want to live in such a way so as to be conscious each moment of my utter dependence on God for life, for making the right decisions, and for making my moments count toward the glory of God throughout eternity.  I love summer, not only because it is a season of life and warmth, but also because it provides a rich opportunity for refreshment and renewal in mind, body, and spirit.


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