Here’s another of those poetic musings that came to me in the night.  As I pondered various matters, I was aware of two streams of thought — one had to do with worry which was negative, the other took me to new heights of opportunity for Christian service.  So I wrote about the experience in terms of a negative and positive side to waking experiences.  Fortunately, I found that my waking this time was quite late in the night, so I could relax in the knowledge that I had, until that time, a pretty good sleep already.  It’s a little more maddening when it happens in the wee hours of the morning.


Thank God for the wake-ups

The musings of the night

On one hand they’re annoying

On the other a delight.


I dislike the interruption

Cause it messes with my dreams

But mid-night thoughts are funny

For they tend to tear at well-worn seams.


These thoughts I have in darkness

So easily become worry

Until I see them in the context

Of God’s much grander glory.


If I ever think more deeply

About the reasons for my musings

I realize they’re often prompted

By quite unnecessary choosings.


So much in them is rootless

Mere vanity and pride

Some thoughts are not constructive

They tend to suicide.


But some of these night feedings

Are filled with inspirations

It’s hard to think of sleeping

Amidst their lofty invitations.


So instead of huge frustration

About nocturnal cogitation

I’ll thank my God for nightly wakings

And trust they’ll lead to fruitful pickings.



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