Sometimes the sun is shining

The roadway dry and sure

Sometimes the warmth is pleasant

And my way is bright and clear


But sometimes storm clouds gather

The flowers I do not see

Sometimes the way is slippery

And fearful danger near


Sometimes amid life’s travels

My heart is light with song

Sometimes my sleep is deep and restful

My dreams serene and strong


But there are other times of sadness

When life grows cold and damp

Sometimes the night is restless

And morning seems so long


Though life is sweet and simple

It may not always be that way

Sometimes we need to reckon

That suffering too is real


But regardless of the weather

I constantly remember

That God above is changeless

His strength my name and anchor


In times of joy and laughter

Or even in disaster

My faith is not in circumstance

But only in the Master.


This poem was composed in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, March 7, 2017, when I woke up and found myself thinking about the news of a dear lady’s pre-mature passing, and also about some ministry challenges.  I found myself trying to put my thoughts into poetic form and began to write.  I have edited the original words a little, but this is essentially what came to me in the course of that hour.  It’s comforting to know that though there is much we don’t understand or cannot control, God is trustworthy because he is changeless and strong in every circumstance.


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